E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce) What is it and is it for me? It is not a news flash that you can sell products and services over the Internet. But how is it done and where do you start? Well, this is where ItsYourSite.com comes in. Your first decision needs to be are you going to do all this yourself or partner with a technology company that has the resources to get it done for you? We are that partner to first answer the questions that need answers, then act out the plan to get it done. Sure, you can do this all yourself but here are just some of the advantages you will gain by partnering with ItsYourSite.com 


QUALITY: Have you ever heard of a 90% successful plane landing. NO, when landing an airplane there is either a successful landing or a crash. Same is true for your web site. Why take any chances? We are in the business to help make companies grow. This is not a side business, hobby or interest of ours, it is our life!

COST: Can you imagine paying for your own fleet of trucks, personnel, hardware and software just so you can ship a product when you needed to? UPS offers an affordable, quality and controllable alternative to sending and receiving packages world wide. Well, why pay for all the costs associated with an on-line campaign when all you need to pay for is experience, expertise and most importantly results. Lets face it, we can do it faster, better and more affordable because this is all we do. An effective on-line business initiative evolves with your business. This means constant change to both the look and feel as well as the content to reflect what your business and its customers need. Making the decision to outsource this campaign offers you the Pay As You Need  it affordability model that equals profitability.

CONTROL: Have you ever heaped another helping of responsibility on your own plate or that of a valued employee, just to not be disappointed with the outcome? In hind site, the more prudent action would have been to have someone focused 100% on this critical need. This type of focus offers you the accountability necessary for the job to get done and get done right the first time! So you can Do What You Want To Do!